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Fact: A recent study conducted by Sales and Marketing Executives International concluded that 81% of major sales are closed after the fifth contact.

Fact: 80% of people who inquire about a product or service will buy it within one year of their initial inquiry. However‚ more than 90% of the time‚ they don’t buy from the same company that they made their initial contact with.

Dear Internet Friend‚

What’s the quickest and easiest way to massively increase your web site’s profits?

If you said‚ “Get more traffic” – you’re dead-bang wrong!

By far‚ the easiest and most cost effective way to dramatically increase your bottom line is simply increasing your follow-up efforts.

That’s right. The startling truth is unless you’re constantly and systematically following-up on prospects‚ you are literally throwing away wads and wads of cash!

The problem: How to continually and automatically follow-up with interested prospects?

The answer: Sequential Email Autoresponders.

In case you’ve never heard of autoresponders let me briefly explain how they work…

The Inside Scoop on ‘Autoresponders

Email autoresponders work like a fax-on-demand system. Maybe you’ve seen the systems where you call from your fax machine and dial a certain code and you’ll get back a document in your fax machine? Well‚ an email autoresponder works the same way. If you send an email to an autoresponder address you’ll get back a prewritten message.

Until just recently‚ you could only do a one-time auto responder with one message coming back. But now you can set up a whole sequence of autoresponder messages going out on any day you choose.

For example‚ message #1 might go out immediately‚ then message #2 goes out 2 days afterwards‚ next message #3 goes out on day 5‚ then day 8 comes another message‚ etc‚ etc.

Do you see the real beauty of this whole thing? It’s unbelievable.

And the best part is everything is done automatically for you because it’s triggered when a prospect submits their email address. So that means you can simply set up your system once and then it keeps working over and over again like a tireless moneymaking robot making sure no prospect ever slips through the cracks.


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