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Building Your Opt-In List


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Your Lifeline To Success Online!

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Why Opt-In Lists are Vital

Why Build An Opt-In List?
How can A List Help My Business?
Chapter II: How to Build an Opt-In List
Write Articles To Build Your List
Using Blogs & Forums To Build Your List
Writing E-Books To Build Your List
Using Your List To Build Your List
Using Joint Ventures To Build Your List
Using Giveaways To Build Your List
Using Press Releases To Build Your List
Using Live Seminars To Build Your List
Using Teleseminars And Webinars
Using Link Exchanges To Build Your List
Using Affiliate Marketing To Build Your List
Using Viral E-Mail To Build Your List
Using List Building Services
Chapter III: Your Autoresponder
Choosing An Autoresponder
Setting Up Your Autoresponder
Loading Messages Into Your Autoresponder
Your Welcoming E-Mail
Effective Use Of Your Autoresponder
Special Autoresponder Features
Chapter IV: Opt-In Box Placement
Chapter V: Squeeze Pages
Chapter VI: How to Use an Opt-In List

In the wide wide world of Internet marketing every guru worth his salt will tell you the building your opt-in list is not only an important part of successful Internet marketing but that it is the one of the most vital parts.
I wish I could tell you that building an opt-in list is quick and easy. Unfortunately‚ that would be a bald faced lie. The top Internet marketers have lists that number in the 10′s of thousands and some have lists that number in the 100′s of thousands. They didn’t build those lists overnight. They built them one subscriber at the time and that is the same way that you will have to build your own opt-in list.
Internet marketing is a whole different animal than brick and mortar marketing. Some of the same rules apply‚ of course‚ but the methods are different. Out in the real world‚ marketers can rely on foot traffic. Foot traffic never happens on the Internet. A buyer isn’t going to just accidentally stumble across your website‚ come in and buy from you.
Brick and mortar businesses can advertise their products and services in ways that are visible to a great many potential customers. Advertising your business on the Internet doesn’t rely on physical visibility of advertising. The best and most effective advertising on the Internet is done on a one-on-one basis (i.e. marketing to your own opt-in list).
Your own opt-in list consists of the names and email addresses of those people who are the most apt to buy the product or service that you are selling.
Several years ago‚ new marketers could just buy lists of people’s names and email addresses and do mass mailings. That all changed when the SPAM laws were passed. You are no longer allowed to mail advertisements about your business to anybody who hasn’t specifically said that they want to receive email from you. If you do‚ it is called SPAMMING and it is illegal. There are substantial fines and penalties for sending unsolicited email. This is where opt-in lists come into play.
You need for visitors to your website to agree to receive e-mail from you so that you will not be accused of sending SPAM. This opt-in list is also a list of the people who are the ones most likely to want to buy what you are selling so it isn’t all bad.
In this ebook we will discuss the many aspects of opt-in list building.


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