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The transcript of a two hour interview in which all of Jim’s eBay business secrets are revealed. How he got started‚ where he get his products and how he allowed his business to grow. It is all in here.

Jim Wilson has been selling successfully on eBay since 1999 making a very nice secondary income‚ that fits in with his job as a Firefighter Paramedic.
And I was lucky enough to speak with Jim for almost two hours recently‚ picking his brains about every aspect of his eBay business … and how anyone‚ even with little money or experience‚ can start profitting on eBay.

Hi Jim … well firstly‚ could you tell me about your background please? 

Sure‚ I am a firefighter paramedic‚ have been since 1982 and I am in what I like to call the twilight of my career looking at a potential retirement. I was looking at ways of making supplemental income and online seemed to be the way to go. And the easiest way to make money online seemed to be eBay.

Okay. So when did you start online? 

I actually started marketing online in 1997. A friend of mine was already doing it‚ told me what he was doing and built a web site for me and unfortunately I did not know how to get traffic to the web site or anything really about marketing so that utterly and totally failed but it did lead me to the direction that I ended up with eBay. I actually started selling on eBay in mid-1999.

Okay. So two years later for you?

Yes. And because I’m still full time at the fire department I would imagine that if someone really devoted more time full time to an online effort it would be less time as far as learning but I worked full time so I couldn’t devote as much time as I wanted to my online endeavor.


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