Newbie’s Guide To Resale Rights


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Dear Internet Marketing Newbie‚

It’s tough‚ isn’t it? When you finally make the decision to jump in and begin your own online resale rights business. There is so much to do and learn that it can make your head spin almost completely off your shoulders! The last thing you want to worry about is making sense of individual resale rights licenses.

I know.

I’ve been there‚ done that.

Authors of resale rights products can make it tough on you when you’re just beginning. All the rules and stipulations when it comes to reselling their products. And that just gets tougher if you don’t really understand what resale rights are to begin with. Let alone all the various types of them!

Honestly though‚ I don’t think they mean to. But still it’s a fact that many new to the online information product reselling industry find it difficult to grasp all the ‘in’s and out’s’ of resale rights.

Newbie’s Guide To Resale Rights will end the confusion once and for all! It was designed to make your job as a reseller easier‚ with the ‘everyday Joe‚ or Jane’ in mind. Believe me‚ the last thing I want to do is make the process of learning harder for you! If you can pick up a book and read‚ then you can understand the language in this guide ;-)

To drive this point home‚ let me take a moment to describe what you will be learning inside this exciting new guide:

  • A Plain English Definition Of Exactly What Resale Rights Are
  • Easy To Understand Explanations Of Each Type Of Resale Rights License That Are Commonly Used By Information Product Authors
  • What The Importance Of Resale Rights Could Mean To Your Online Business ‘Profitability’ Factor
  • Tips On Purchasing Resale Rights And Fantastic Money-Saving‚ Reputable Resources To Purchase From


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