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Dear Friend‚

You’ve definitely heard that “the money is in the list”. But what is the best kind of list you can build?

Answer: A paid customers list. Which also means‚ the best money money is found in your customers list!

The Early Gold Rush Days Vs. Today’s Virtual Gold Mines

Today‚ it’s more than possible to actually build your own “virtual” gold mine from scratch without having to join the early days of the Gold Rush. Just to offer you some ideas to start with‚ your neighbors or anyone with computer and Internet access can form your gold mine so you can rake in cash over and over and over again.

That’s right. Today’s gold mine is found in customers. And customers are really abundant. Anyone who exchanges money is your potential customer. In the case of marketing online‚ you could be reaching out to customers beyond your neighborhood‚ something your average grocery store can’t possibly do!

Here are even more good reasons to build a paid customers list:

  • They are ready to pay‚
  • They have the money to pay‚
  • If they like your product or service for the first time‚ they’ll likely return!
  • Unlike publishing a regular newsletter‚ your customer un-subscription rate can be significantly lower!
  • Customer response rate towards your offer can be greatly increased by 15-20%‚ maybe more!

The result: repeat customers = repeat sales! Every time you have a new product to launch and sell‚ you don’t have to really look anywhere further than your own paid customers gold mine. That’s really worth building your business on!

Announcing The Essential Guide To Building Your Customer List:
Edmund Loh’s Paid Customers Gold Mine

Here’s How To Exercise Creative Use Of Putting Your Resell Rights Products Into Use And Build Your Paid Customers List At Warp Speed In A Short Time Span!

In this manual‚ you will discover:

  • Two (2) totally different-but-awesome‚ time-tested strategies you can use to build your paid customers list with creative use of Resell Rights!
  • How to make other people’s customers list YOUR customer list – even if you don’t have your own mailing list!
  • How to strategically create your own unique bundled (Master) Resell Rights package and position it to be your customer-sucking vacuum!
  • How to leverage on untapped Resell Rights products in your hard drive to build your database of customers at warp speed (NO‚ this is NOT about offering free Resell Rights product to visitors so they can sign up for your mailing list!)‚
  • How to start your own unique affiliate program at literally zero-cost! (Warning! You’ll find out something really crazy involving this one but it’ll pay off real handsomely when it comes to lining up your paid customers in droves!)
  • Where and how to recruit affiliates and Joint Venture partners like mad they have no excuse NOT to join your affiliate program! (Hint: you’ll be exposed to some critical success factors so you can get them to willingly help you build your customer list!)
  • The 3 winning advantages and selling points you can tap onto when it comes to building your paid customers list!
  • How to get paid customers for your own product overnight even if you don’t have your own mailing list!
  • How to make the most of your own product by giving your customers FULL Master Resell Rights to it in effort of building your leads like a mad house!
  • Tricks on how to get marketers and membership site owners to say “YES” to helping you build your paid customers list!
  • The 3 places to go to build your paid customers list online!
  • And much more!


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