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Are you lost trying to build a successful online business? Then drop at once what you are doing and…

Discover the magic secret of creating instant content!
And create best-selling information products again and again and again!

Dear Friend‚

Do you want a secret that:

  • Can help you start your online business in as less as a week?
  • You can use to build a virtual empire of information products?
  • Will give you the ‘inside dope’ on the best source of FREE content?

(Yes‚ you read that right‚ FREE content!)

Imagine have an almost endless supply of fresh‚ high quality niche content that you can use time and time again to create instant information products day in and day out? No expensive ghostwriting fees‚ no sleepless nights spent furiously writing up new content for your next bestseller.

What am I talking about? What’s the big secret?

Every Internet Marketer selling you pre-packaged content is giving you little value for your money!

How can I make this tall claim? Look at the facts:

  • Every other week or so a new public domain or niche content package is released – with hundreds of buyers snapping up the products‚ you get market saturation – Everyone is selling the same content‚ so immediately your chances of being a niche leader are reduced.
  • Marketers are selling the content that they themselves could potentially be using to generate massive income. Why don’t they use it for their business?* Is it because they don’t want more money (everybody can use some extra cash‚ right?)?

    * Is it because they are too busy to invest their time in a new business (haven’t they already started a new business by selling pre-written content?)?

    * No‚ the answer is simple: The items they are selling are not big-ticket items – they will make the owners more money being sold by themselves rather than being used individually.

  • The success stories are exceptional‚ one in a million results coming from people who were beta-testers‚ or were using other content – not the information packages provided in the niche bundles.
  • Niche content packages are priced ridiculously low – whereas every Marketer preaches that to establish the quality of your product‚ you should set a high price.

The end result? Hundreds and literally THOUSANDS of people spent months and months trying to fine-tune their small-time businesses that do not even have the potential to earn them a serious online income.

I want to ask you two simple questions:

  • How much money do you want to make in the next three months from a new online business?
  • What if I told you I had the keys to creating instant content – the inside track to the REAL success of most Internet Marketers?

I welcome you to Public Domain Profits – Finally a sure-fire guaranteed-success blueprint for building your online business.

In this compact‚ 50-page manual‚ you will learn:

  • The truth about the Public Domain – and what the Internet Gurus are hiding from you.
  • The real deal about copyright laws and why they are not as sinister as they sound.
  • Blueprints for business success – guidelines on how to build multiple income streams using proven business strategies based on what Internet Marketers practice themselves.
  • How to deal with the legal aspects of publishing public domain works.
  • Over a dozen ready-made public domain niches that you can use to start your very own home-based online business in as little as 7 days!

There are no shortcuts to success. I won’t lie to you and try to ‘sell’ you the idea of not working and still making serious money. Such ideas are best left to dreams‚ and quite frankly‚ no Internet Marketer worth his salt will ever tell you that there are any easy paths.

And if you’re looking to build an information products empire‚ you will have to do a lot of work. For example:

You need a profitable idea – niche marketing has become the rule‚ rather than the exception‚ and if you want to build a successful business you have to find a profitable niche.

You need to find the content – which you can either write yourself (but not everyone is as good a writer as Jim Edwards‚ Jimmy D. Brown or Ken Evoy) or you can pay someone to write it for you (but be ready to pay very high fees if you want quality work).

Now what would you rather do?

Would you:

Spends days and nights slaving in front of a computer trying to write a book when you are not a ‘natural’ writer? (You either have a flair for persuasive‚ conversational writing or you can spend years learning the art. Do you really have a few years?

Would you spend somewhere in the excess of $500 to $1000 of your hard-earned money to have your e-book ghostwritten?

Or would you rather learn the secrets of instantly spotting profitable niches and creating content for them in a fraction of the time‚ for a fraction of the price?

In other words‚ are you willing to make a small investment in your future that will help you build your very own information empire‚ starting from your first online business in just 7 days?

I know what you are thinking – Is it even possible to find instant content?

That’s where the public domain comes in.

Using public domain works‚ you can:

  • Find and package ready-made content for instant sales.
  • Support your business by providing hundreds of articles of fresh content.
  • Woo your customers by over-delivering on your promise to give them quality information in your field.

In fact‚ there are no limitations to what you can do with public domain works. And with Public Domain Profits‚ you’ll finally have a virtual consultant that will guide you through every step for a fraction of the high costs you will pay to gain this valuable knowledge from the Gurus!

Within Public Domain Profits you will find:

  • How creative works pass into the public domain
  • The biggest secret about the Public Domain that no one is telling you (on page 18).
  • The 6 critical features of any successful business strategy (Chapter 4)
  • The true nature of the public domain (something most Internet Marketers don’t even CONSIDER! (page 19)
  • 15 different profitable niches that you can instantly exploit RIGHT NOW to fast track your online business empire (Chapter 4)
  • How to cash in on current events and trends to launch an information product (page 26)
  • Details on how you can profit from two of the most over-looked assets in the public domain (page 30 and 31)
  • A blueprint for quickly finding the right public domain works for your business (page 33).
  • The top 10 resources on the Internet that you can use to find quality content instantly! (page 36)
  • Answers to advanced issues such as copyright problems on unpublished works and trademarks.
  • The real deal on when and why you need legal advice (page 41)

And much more!


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