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TIP 1: How to increase perceived value of your ebook.

Ebooks are popping up every where. Many of these ebooks cover similar topics. That is perfectly acceptable since each author is writing from a different view point and may make points that are not brought up by similar ebooks. Even though it is perfectly acceptable to cover a topic already covered‚ you will need to make your ebook stand out from the crowd. Increasing the perceived value of your ebook is a great way to do this.

How can you increase the perceived value? Well‚ a great way to increase the perceived value is through testimonials/endorsements of your ebook. This way your visitors can see that other marketers are pleased‚ they will probably be pleased also. It will help let them know that this is an ebook worth buying.

It is not difficult to get testimonials for your ebooks. Who do you know online? Ask one of your fellow marketers if they would be willing to review your ebook and give their thoughts on it.Do you participate on discussion boards or groups? Tell the group you are needing testimonials for your new ebook and ask for their help. You will receive offers to review your ebook and they will provide you with testimonials. This is an easy way to
get a few testimonials for your ebook. Ask them if they would mind their testimonial being listed on your site. Most will allow you to do so.

When you list your testimonial on your site‚ never forget to offer the testimonial giver a thank you by linking to them. Simply add the testimonial and at the end use their name and URL.


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