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The Secrets behind software development

Dear future software developer!

If I told you that just 6 months ago I had never created a software product before would you believe me? Well believe it or not that statement is 100% true‚ 6 months ago the thought of creating my own software product hadn’t even crossed my mind.

BUT within that last 6 months I went on a journey of discovery which ultimately lead me to creating a hugely successful software product that has made me more money than I could have ever thought possible.

Do you know the funny thing – 6 months ago I didn’t have ANY coding knowledge and guess what…..I STILL DONT!!

That’s right‚ I managed to create a hugely successful and profitable software product without writing a single line of code and what’s more if I can do it then so can you!

Absolutely anyone can go out and create their own profitable software product‚ and guess what?

I am going to show you exactly how it’s done‚ allow me to present to you “The Making Of Auction SOS!”

In this e-Book written by me I will show you step-by-step how I created my very own software product - Auction SOS! I will be pulling no punches and will be revealing some of the most guarded secrets that the software industry really don’t want you to hear‚ just take a look at what you will be getting from this E-Book:

  • Why I chose software over an e-Book
  • How I made back 75% of the software’s cost within the first 24 hours of going on sale
  • Why exactly do people give away FREE Demo’s – What’s in it for them?
  • What research do you need to do before starting a software project?
  • The secrets behind outsourcing
  • How to talk with the technical people and how to word your specifications
  • How to find the perfect programmer for your project
  • How to create a residual income from any software product
  • How to make money from software even if you don’t make a sale!
  • I also help you find out if software development really is for you
  • Learn from my mistakes – don’t do some of the things that I did!


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