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Dear Entrepreneur:

I’ll ride a grizzly bear bare-back across the entire state of Montana if you are doing business online and have NEVER asked this question before…

Unless I miss my guess‚ you have asked the question at least once in promoting your business online (either *out loud* or *in your mind*)…

…where should I advertise?

Am I right?

Or‚ should I go find a map of Montana? :-)

Anyone who does business on the internet‚ whether it be as a product owner or as an affiliate‚ wants to know the answer to “where should I advertise?” That’s a fact. You don’t want to waste money‚ and you do want to find advertising sources that *really* do produce results.

After all‚ you’re trying to make a profit.

YOU would like to know WHERE to advertise to see *real results* right?

That’s exactly where I was when I began my first real business venture online‚ the Profits Vault.

When I first launched the Profits Vault (at least one person thinks it’s the “web’s PREMIERE internet marketing training site :-) I tinkered around with various ads to promote it. Some bombed‚ others pulled in good results. I worked at it‚ studying my tracking results and reading the advice of other well known promoters for ad-writing tips. (Now YOU can benefit from my months of research and thousands of dollars in testing)

And‚ in doing so I was able to do two important things…

  • Develop an incredibly popular ad for my product… “FREE REPORT: How To Sell 300% More of YOUR Product in 72 Hours Than You Did All Month. Click Here.” ( By the way‚ the report is still available by clicking on the link. I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen anything quite like it. :-)
  • Determine what makes people respond to advertising. Like I said‚ I STUDIED. The above mentioned ad is the end result of a FORMULA for writing ad copy. After you read the tutorials that I am going to share with you in Ezine Ad Profits‚ you will see that the ad that continues to bring in results is almost systematic in its creation‚ based on the tips you’ll be reading. Follow the simple FORMULA that I’ve outlined‚ and you’ll find your ads pulling more responses than you ever dreamed.

That’s exactly what happened for me.
The “free report” ad brought about over 5‚000 requests in just a few short weeks. It also resulted in over $30‚000 in PROFITS generated for me in about 4 months. Not bad for one ad.

And‚ it’s still going strong today.

So‚ I found success. I tested and studied and developed the “perfect” ad for my product. Works like a charm. There’s only one problem…

…I ran out of *quality* places to advertise. (Have you noticed how that happens? You just don’t know WHERE to advertise to *really* see results?)

I had hit paydirt with my ad‚ but I didn’t know where to advertise. I knew that ezines were the *mother lode* for advertising because of their relatively inexpensive cost‚ large targeted audience and quick response time. But‚ whenever I asked about the best ezines to advertise in‚ everyone had only a handful of suggestions…

…but‚ then what?

Here’s the simple truth: When you do develop an ad that pulls in responses‚ you want to continue milking it for everything it’s worth‚ right? You want to publish that baby in as many different places as possible to maximize your profits. “If it ain’t broke‚ don’t fix it.”


So‚ I spent a LOT of money and time trying to find the best ezines to advertise in. And what I mean by “best” is those ezines that…


  • *Really* do have the total number of subscribers they say they do.
  • Have a loyal readership who actually *read* the ezine.
  • Are 100% *opt-in* where people REQUEST to be included in the mailings.
  • Have a database of subscribers with a history for responding to quality offers.
  • Are “worth” the ad-rates that they charge. (I.E. They aren’t over-priced)
  • Tend to have a waiting period before your ad will be published. (This means people are actually continuing to purchase ad space – a good sign the ads pull)


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