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With ” Internet Marketing Starts Here”‚ you will learn the exact methods to routinely make four figures every single month. No other ebook opens up a business so completely to show you the nuances that make the difference between making money and creating frustration.

“Sack Your Boss And Write Your Own Paycheck By Following The Proven System Written By The Guy Who Made It!”

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I don’t want to brag or anything‚ but I’ve made a lot of money online.

With a little bit of help‚ I pretty much taught myself Internet Marketing and I’ve been making money online ever since.

Sound surprised? Well‚ you shouldn’t be. Internet Marketing isn’t difficult to learn and it isn’t difficult to do correctly.

I learnt it out of necessity‚ which they say is the mother of all inventions.

When I graduated high school‚ my parents were so proud of me. They promised me long ago that if I did well in school‚ that they would figure out a way to send me to any college I wanted. I studied hard and got into the school of my dreams and even though my parents could barely afford it‚ they held up their end of the bargain and found a way to send me.

As soon as I got to college‚ I realized that I was going to need more money than what my parents could afford to survive. With all the drinking‚ dating‚ socializing‚ eating and school books that were necessary‚ I knew that I needed to supplement my income.

I knew I needed a job‚ but I didn’t want to spend my time flipping burgers or working retail. My schedule was too busy for those types of jobs anyway. I knew I could make the money I needed online‚ I only needed to learn how.

I actually assumed that I didn’t even need to know exactly how things worked online to make money. I figured that if everyone else was making money online‚ that I could figure it out on my own.

Boy was I wrong.

I spent most of the next two months trying different ways to make money and each different method I tried ended up the same way. With me losing more money than I made.

I knew that there were dozens of Internet Marketing guides available‚ but I thought that I knew too much to waste my money buying a product that probably wouldn’t teach me much of anything. I never gave the guarantee any thought either. It never occurred to me that if I bought the book and it didn’t end up teaching me anything‚ that I could just return it for a full refund.

After two months of not making any money online‚ I had no choice. I had to buy a product or I would have had to stop enjoying my college lifestyle and start working somewhere that I would hate. As much as you probably hate your job‚ there’s no hate quite like slaving over a hot deep fryer while your friends are enjoying their college life. I knew that failure wasn’t an option.

I broke down and bought a guide to Internet Marketing and you know what? I was right. It was garbage. I returned it almost immediately.

I wasn’t going to be scared off though. As soon as I returned the first eBook‚ I bought a second. The second book was slightly better than the first‚ but still not great. I returned that book too. The third book I bought was better than the second‚ so I didn’t return it‚ but the fourth was worse than the first. The fifth book was the best of all‚ but it still wasn’t great. The sixth and seventh were ok‚ but the eight is really where I found some great information.

After a couple of days of reading and taking notes (a skill I had just learnt thanks to my college education)‚ I had a fairly good idea of how to make money online‚ so I decided to start putting my newfound knowledge to use.

My online business didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d love you to believe‚ but things ended up working out alright. The eBooks I bought were good enough to give me a basic idea of how things worked‚ but I had to figure out the nuances and the details on my own. Once I figured those details out though‚ things started booming. It seemed with every new month‚ my business seemed to double until one day it started tripling. After that‚ things just sort of took off on their own.

Eventually‚ I was able to hire someone to do my work for me‚ which freed up enough of my time to enjoy college properly.

It was only a month ago‚ on the anniversary of this story‚ did I start to think back about how I got started. I realize now what I didn’t realize then‚ that there is a serious lack of quality introductory eBooks for Internet Marketing.

So‚ as a gift to everyone for my anniversary‚ I wrote the simplest‚ most comprehensive and easiest to follow guide to Internet Marketing. I call it Internet Marketing Starts Here.

Internet Marketing Starts Here Will Teach You…

  • Which Aspect Of Internet Marketing You Can Do Successfully!
  • How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls So You Can See A Profit Right Away!
  • What The Secret Is That Will Let You Jump Past The First Couple Months Of Losing Money!
  • How To Start Out For Free!
  • How To Create An Action Plan That Will Work For You!
  • How To Spend Money To Make Sure You Make Money!


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