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Dear Friend‚

Right now‚ people all over the world are making money on line via their Web Sites and Ezines‚ and I have managed no less than 40 of them to reveal their personal success tips with you…

… so keep reading if you want to find out how they do it!

No matter what you sell on line (Ebooks‚ software‚ or affiliate programs)‚ your business will only become profitable if you know the basics of Web Marketing!

You may have the coolest web site in the world‚ a site that impresses and entertains… but if you don’t know how Web Marketing works‚ you will never make ONE SINGLE CENT from your site.

The truth is‚ most people are totally confused and puzzled about Web Marketing…

… and no wonder…

There are thousands of “wannabe” guru’s out there‚ telling you they have the “Secret To Making Money”… but all they want is your money…

However‚ don’t panic :-)

Marketing on line is not as difficult as you may think. Really‚ it’s not!

Anyone can do it‚ and there’s no need to waste your money on expensive marketing sessions‚ training classes‚ or “guru” video’s…

… it all comes down to some simple basic rules (like using autoresponders‚ pop-up windows‚ setting up joint ventures)‚ and once you understand how Web Marketing really works‚ your business just can’t fail!

Now‚ here’s help for you…

“Web Marketing Explained” contains nothing but proven tips and methods that are currently used by 40 experienced and successful Web Marketers who make a good living from their E-business.

These experts all have one thing in common… they use the same simple web marketing techniques to make their profits.

And now they are sharing what REALLY works and what DOESN’T when it comes to Internet Marketing.

They are telling EXACTLY what they are doing to get the phenomenal results that you can also get with your own Web Site or Ezine.

Don’t worry‚ this is not a boring book about “marketing psychology” or “branding your business”…

“Web Marketing Explained” contains over 100 pages‚ packed with hard hitting facts and live examples of how some of the Web’s most respected marketers create streams of income with their E-business.

Below are a few of the names that reveal their success tips:

  • Joe Vitale (Joe is the hottest copy writer in America. He can sell condoms to nuns and vegetarian cookbooks to Texas cattle ranchers :-)
  • Andrew Fox (Andrew’s web business went in under 2 years from $0‚00 to $350‚000! Now you can discover what he did to get there)
  • Jason Potash (Creator of the “Ezine Announcer” software)
  • Jeff McCall (Owner of the “Success Library”)
  • Alex Sampson (Founder of “Ultra Marketing Enterprises”‚ and author of “Perfectly Profitable Products”
  • Mani Sivasubramanian (Well respected author of the “Ezine Launch” book‚ and expert in Ezine Marketing and Promotion)
  • Neil Sharing (Full time UK marketer‚ owner of the “ScamFree Zone”‚ and writer of several bestselling products)
  • Ruth Townsend (Founder of “The Directory of Ezines”‚ expert in Ezine Advertising)
  • Robert Smith (Famous UK Marketer and Publisher of “The Internet Marketing Newsletter”)
  • Merle (Owner of the “Ezineadauction.com” service‚ and all round Internet Marketer)
  • Dirk Dupon (Ebook marketer and author of “Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy!”
  • Pamela Heywood (Respected Ezine Publisher and owner of TuCats-Design.com)
  • Lisa Frenzel (Author of “Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed”)
  • Paul Reilly (Paul is also know as the “Viral Marketing” expert)
  • Paul Barrs (Long time marketer and owner of the “Home Business Mastery”)And this list goes on for a while…


It’s true; you learn best and fastest by asking help from the Big Players.

Well‚ here’s good news… I have done it for you!

I have created a list of the most important questions that anyone who plans to set up (or already runs) a web business can think of‚ and I invited the 40 experts to answer them in all honesty.

Here are a few of the questions…


  • “What do you consider the most difficult part about running an on line business?”
  • “Can you explain how you market your products (or affiliate programs) on the Internet?”
  • “Why do you think so many on line businesses fail?”
  • “Are you using Ezine advertising? How effective is this form of advertising today?”
  • “What is your opinion about web promotion software and “traffic generating tools?”
  • “What is your most effective marketing technique‚ and why?”
  • “What are some of your daily marketing tactics that build
    your on line presence?”
  • “If you had $100 to spend to improve/promote your business‚ how and where would you spend it?”
  • “What’s the most effective tool/resource that you use to get new prospects to your Opt In list or Ezine?”
  • Plus there’s much more covered…


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