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Marvin Haycock

Have you ever wondered what makes a few online individuals hit a “home-run” with almost every new venture while others have to remain satisfied with a hit-and-miss policy and others still with a slew of dismal failures?

Well‚ it boils down to this: in life‚ business and on the Internet‚ there are really only 2 ways to get started. One way is trial and error‚ and the other is the subject of this letter‚ which is…

Discovering 7-PROVEN & EFFORTLESS Insider SECRETS That I Have Learned and USED From over 4‚904 Savvy Marketers From Around The World To Ensure Maximum Returns on ALL of My Online Ventures AND Generate A GREAT Full Time Income Online!”

But even more than just having personal input‚ you’ll also have to contend with website design‚ market research‚ product/service creation‚ merchant accounts and a horde of other practical mechanisms and systems if you ever hope to run a successful internet business‚ and that means…

So what does all of this add up to? Well‚ it basically means that there is no one that can start an online business without investing a lot of time and quite a bit of cash.

It also means that if you are serious about trying your hand at selling or promoting anything on the Internet‚ you’ll do best if you can SAVE MONEY AT EVERY TURN!

With that in mind‚ I’m EXPOSING the INSIDER SECRETS that they use everyday to make MONEY every time they put up a website! So how would you like to have instant access to information like:


  • How you can locate people in your own industry from dentistry to jewelry that are already successful online and have them unselfishly share personal experiences and advice that will revolutionize YOUR business 
  • EXACTLY how insiders build and live off 100% FREE traffic to their websites and how YOU can easily do the same. 
  • How you can test your sales material‚ advertisements and website BEFORE you get started so that when you ‘go live’ it’s already been honed into a finely tuned profit machine. 
  • The fastest way to ‘weed out’ scams and useless resources on the internet and make the right decisions on your purchases every time. 
  • The secret resource that has enabled – literally – hundreds of individuals to quit their day jobs and make a sound living off the Internet (I am one of them :-) . 
  • The simple‚ proven strategy that over 4‚904 Internet marketers employ to test their headlines‚ advertisements‚ products‚ websites and sales letters absolutely FREE! 
  • Where to find a goldmine of top-quality‚ tried‚ tested and proven ebooks‚ scripts‚ and resources that retail for hundreds of dollars for just dimes to the dollar 
  • The best no-cost way to keep your newsletter to your customers packed with polished‚ professional and exciting content that will keep them loyal to your newsletter for a lifetime. 
  • Where you can find the same quality information on marketing‚ advertising and traffic generation that the professionals use for discounted prices 
  • Which tracking software can deliver the stats you need to ensure that your website is converting at its best possible rate and leave you with total peace-of-mind that you are converting at the best possible rate 
  • The undisclosed secret of successfully getting your joint-venture in front of the eyes of hundreds of marketers from all walks of life including some of the biggest names on the Internet with tens of thousands of subscribers just waiting to do business with YOU. 
  • Where you can find and beta-test hot new products and services days or even months before they ever explode onto the scene so that you can profit from dozens of ground-floor opportunities. 
  • The fastest and affordable way to interact with businesses and individuals‚ some of which are literally earning in excess of $150‚000 a year and routinely charge hundreds of dollars for personal consultations (They know how the internet works and will slash your online learning curve by months or even years!) 
  • Which payment processor you can/should use and trust to process your orders or which autoresponder delivers the most features for the least monetary investment… 
  • …or any one of a thousand different questions you may have – you’ll find the simplest‚ fastest and most trustworthy answers that you’re looking for – GUARANTEED!


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